Welcome to a Crash Course in Healthy Snacking

Is this a familiar scenario?

It’s been a long day at school or work. You are on your way home. Although you ate  lunch, all you can think about is a snack. You are picturing the food in your kitchen cabinets, and in the fridge. That leftover pizza might taste good. Is the apple pie that you made over the weekend still there? You are craving something sweet, no maybe something salty, or better yet, something crunchy, but it has to be super fast because you need something RIGHT NOW!

If your internal dialogue sounds similar, S L O W   D O W N.  It can be so easy to give into a craving or to eat the easiest and and quickest food you can find.

Take a few seconds to consider a nutritious choice for your snack. You will feel empowered instead of out of control!

This website offers some practical information for healthy snacking.